Summer Time Plans

With what seems like thousands of feet of snow beginning to melt and grass beginning to grow, the excitement of spring is starting to sink in!  I have been able to ride most of my horses outside, and even in rain and sleet we are just happy to not be cooped up in the indoor arena anymore!

My summer looks like it will be very busy!  I will begin training on Christine’s horse Kate fairly soon.  Christine is with Second Chance Ranch and Rescue, and Kate was one of the horses they took in.  Lucky for Kate people like Christine are out there to give her a second chance at a peaceful and full life!

I am also very excited because NickerNews has asked me to write bi-weekly as a guest columnist.  You can see my latest article here and check back in a few weeks for the next!

I will be doing 2 demos at our open house this summer as well at the Equestrian Center.  One will feature one of my talented students, Lisa, on Rider Alignment and how it effects different movements!  My goal with this one is to show how the rider’s body alignment,  or lack of it, directly affects the horse’s in a series of movements, such as leg yields, canter departs, and half halts.  I especially want to show how when the rider’s body is lined up properly, much less kicking, pulling, and whipping is required because the message is much clearer to the horse and his body can stay much more fluid and relaxed.

The second will be about Practical Applications of Natural Horsemanship to Classical Dressage.  In this demo I will be showing the clear link between groundwork and some natural horsemanship exercises to developing self carriage and softness in classical dressage movements such as leg yields, shoulder in, haunches in, travers, half pass and canter departs from the walk and trot.  I will also be doing all this with an older back yard pony of average breeding, so I hope this goes to show how correct riding and training can make the horse more beautiful and his movements more brilliant!

I will also be doing a demo for the Second Chance Ranch and Rescue fundraiser in June, but have not yet decided what it will be!  Any suggestions?

Seems my schedule will be jam-packed soon, so get your lessons and training scheduled soon!

Til then,


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