We’ve had April showers, but where are the May flowers?

I think we are all getting sick of the cold and damp.  About this time of year, a bit o moisture is expected, but the cold is getting, well, old.  Not that I’m complaining, when I think of what other parts of the country are going through – tornadoes, flooding, and drought.  I guess it could be worse, and even though I am lucky enough to have an indoor, I refuse to go inside more often than not and ride through the rain and wind just to not feel the grip of that awful cabin fever all of us Michiganders are so familiar with.

I’ve been incredibly busy, and believe I am just at the tail end of a real rough patch.  I lost some friends to sickness, both animal and human, and feel like I’ve gone through the wringer.  But as my mom said, bad luck can only go on so long, and things seem to be on the upswing now.  I’m very grateful for my human and animal friends in my life right now who have helped keep me positive, and am especially grateful for my horses who’ve helped me stay in the moment.

That’s what’s so great about the horse- when we’re around them, if we listen, they really teach us to stay in the moment.  Nothing is good or bad, really, but just “is.”  We can deal with it in a positive manner, or we can complain, regret, etc, but only one of these options is constructive.

I’m really looking forward to this year, though.  I’ve just started working with Christine’s horse, Kate, a 14 year old American Cream Draft.  I also have Ruby back in training, which I’m really excited about.  Ruby and I get along really well.  I can’t wait to get her going really well and hopefully someone will fall in love with her and take her home!  I would buy her if I could, she has a lot of athletic potential and is really a nice looking horse!



Also, as you all may know, I’ve been given a regular column on NickerNews.com which I am really enjoying!  here is my latest:


Check in every few weeks to read them, and thanks for your comments!

Til next time,


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