Riding with an open mind

Recently I had to eat some of my own words and take back a quick judgement about a certain horse person I’d made without much to back it up with.

Maybe I missed the big picture, maybe I saw this person on a bad day, or maybe I just didn’t follow through til the end to see how it came out for all the horses and people riding with him before I came up with my own conclusions.

I wondered this morning how many people had made quick judgements about me that way.

It brings up an interesting point about criticism, however. Sometimes criticism is constructive. Being in the public eye means we’re going to take some blows here and there, and I try to keep myself humble enough to receive criticism with an open mind, but there is a fine line in there where you have to learn to shut it out and do your thing, so to speak.

It also made me think of my horses, and wonder how many of us ride our horses daily with a preconceived notion about them. Such as “this horse is hot,” “this horse is spooky,” “this horse is dull,” etc, and reinforce our bias about them inadvertently. I know I certainly have, and the more I am aware and strive to ride in this very moment, I realize how much time I have spent superimposing my ideas of the horse on the horse, rather than letting him be free to be who he is, and make improvements.

Just some interesting thoughts I have been pondering…It is easy enough to see the faults in others, the faults in our horses, but I encourage you, and I especially encourage myself to ride with an open mind, and stay humble so we can learn. After all, we are all in different stages of our learning, and none of us, so long as we are striving, is any different or better than the rest.

Happy riding friends,

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