The Only Thing Permanent is Change!


Weeellll a lot has changed since last I was on here – I quit my job at Bay Harbor Equestrian Center as trainer/instructor and started my own business:  Essence Horsemanship LLC (website is here).  I have been going around from Petoskey to Gaylord riding my client’s horses and teaching lessons at Bay Harbor, but the barn gave everyone a month’s notice and is shutting down!  You can read more about that here.

essence LLC

In case everyone didn’t have enough going on, that was a major screw thrown in, but of course we persevered, and I have some clients up in Cheboygan, some in Gaylord, and some in Boyne City, and Harbor Springs.  Between yesterday and today I think I drove about 6 hours! Hopefully it will settle down by spring and I will have most of my critters in one spot.  At least that would be nice.


Anyway I love being my own boss and I am very grateful that many of my clients stuck with me.  I also LOVE not being in a rush and being crammed into a one hour production line schedule, so I can take my time with each horse and give them the quality riding and handling the horses and humans paying deserve!  I also feel that now I can give people more thoughtful and professional service, being detached from a company and representing myself and my own views of horsemanship.  I look forward to creating new relationships with horses and people and strengthening the ones I have already made through my old work.  Thanks to all of you for being there for me and being understanding while everything was topsy turvy!


Til next time,


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