Horses: The Most Interesting and Expensive Toys

Well, I am feeling pretty lucky after picking up the newest member of my little herd.  The six year old in me is jumping up and down because she no longer has to play with Breyer toys while the adult in me is thinking %$%^$#@ they cost a lot of money.  But I love them so, and here is an introduction to each of my fabulous critters.

They have all been renamed.  Now I know what you are all thinking – “you can’t rename a horse, it’s bad luck!”  But to that I say Baloney!  They have all begun a new life by moving into my pasture, and they all have been chosen a name that represented them in the way that I know them.  And so far, with exception of a few mishaps here and there with my mare, no one has suffered any bad luck (if you believe in luck, that is).

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my critters.


Dee is my first horse ever.  She is a 9 year old breeding stock Paint.  Her life before me was the rodeo life.  Now she is a steady trail horse and colt starting queen.  Her surefootedness and strength come in handy when bushwacking through the woods, and her gentleness and patience make her a hit with young kids.  Growing up as a kid I did not have the luxury of owning a horse, leasing a horse, or even riding the same horse consistently in lessons.  Being a military brat, I wore out my horsey toys until their legs broke off and had to be replaced with the eraser end of pencils, covered in tape, which were then “polo wraps.”  So Dee is my big girl toy, and she has taught me a lot about braces, patience, lameness, the joys of a good gallop, and buying a horse wisely.  She will have a home with me for life, even if her legs break off and I have to glue on prosthetic erasers.


Samson is my two year old Quarter Horse/Friesan cross.  He has lovely, lofty gaits and a puppy dog temperament.  I feel blessed to have all those traits in one horse, and yet starting him has been much more complicated than I thought.  He has taught me a lot about not taking a good nature for granted, and being respectful even of a very tolerant horse, as well as the value of blending in and making his and my idea the same.  I can’t wait to see how he turns out.


Geronimo is an 8 year old Morgan I just picked up last week.  His athleticism and intelligence are unrivaled by any other horse I’ve known, and uncovering the layers of this horse has been fascinating.  I am so thrilled to have him on my team and am sure we will do some really exciting things together.

What about your horses?  I bet you have some cool ones too.  We’ll keep you posted on our journeys, successes, and trials.

Take care,


One thought on “Horses: The Most Interesting and Expensive Toys

  1. Geronimo looks pretty sure and capable. Named after a fearsome Apache chief with strong links to the southwest I’m sure he holds great promise. We look forward to meeting him Amy! Congratulations. TS

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