How Hard is it to Stop Being Hard on Yourself?

unnamed  I haven’t been home even a few weeks from my internship with Leslie Desmond, and I found myself texting a friend (who, by the way has an awesome blog you can read here ) to complain about problems I was having with my mare.  We discussed some of the details, and she offered some solutions.

“I’ve done that, and she is a lot better this week,” I said, referring to being a bit more respectful and slow.  She was great to catch all week and was actually starting to catch me.

But I was still hooked on getting her straight under saddle, even though our conversation brought up many improvements I’d already made.

“Maybe you need to just not be so hard on yourself,” she said.

I thought, well $%^&.  There’s that same problem again…In being hard on myself, being goal oriented, driven, and dedicated (which seem like they should be good qualities but there are huge downfalls when you have them in the wrong quantities for the wrong reasons) I inevitably end up being hard on my horses.

I’m happy to report that today I brought her in, groomed her, told her she was fantastic for putting up with me, fed her something delicious (in a bucket of course), and turned her back out, where she looked satisfied, rolled, and ran off with her buddies.

As for myself, I PROMISE to not be hard on myself, and to give my poor horses a break.

And if you see me getting stuck in a rut like this again, please twist my arm….but not too hard.

One thought on “How Hard is it to Stop Being Hard on Yourself?

  1. Great post, Amy. I’m like that too. One of the pitfalls of learning as that we see the ultimate goals (let’s say one of those riders of Spanish dressage horses in their highest performance) and expect ourselves to be able to do that w/o admitting it’s a JOURNEY. Hard to be patient during the process. It’s hard to treat ourselves w/grace and mercy.

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