To New Beginnings…Again

pea and sammy

We are free from worry and self-doubt!!

I feel like every time I turn around, a horse is moving.  Bought, sold, moving from this barn to that…It turns out that starting my own business was the best thing that has happened to me, as far as development as a human being goes, and career wise. It has been interesting, enlightening, and super fun.  But seriously, at every turn, incredibly scary!  And now I am moving on, to a new NEW barn.  My OWN barn!

While I can’t tell you how exciting it is to embark on new adventures, and that literally my childhood dreams are coming true, there are lots of moments of “How am I going to pay for that??” and “What am I doing???”  How about, “Why don’t I have a real, stable job?” (funny pun there…)

Anyway, that is what friends are for.  I’m lucky to have the friends I do who encourage and support me, as well as help me do things that I don’t have the resources, knowledge, time, or guts to do by myself.  (Read: trailering horses across the state, understanding business things, like you need to make more than you spend to succeed, and keeping me on track).  I also have some great, honest, and hard working clients interested in furthering their horsemanship.  Perfect!

So here is to new beginnings, love, life, and learning, and friendships forged through lean times.  Trust me, friends, I will buy you all porsche’s when I am a millionaire 😉


Sweet Pea looks forward to change, being free of ego…. and also having someone pay for her food and care.  Lucky girl!

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