Scenes From Our Weekend

Well, it was a fun weekend full of activity, great weather, and lots of learning!

Happy horses, big smiles, and a gorgeous northern Michigan spring!


Olivia works on directing the horse’s feet. She is using correct timing and feel to line those feet up right onto the little wooden bridge.


After some time and consideration on both their parts, Crimson lines right up for her. Olivia makes it easy for him by standing out of his way to give him space to move into where she asks.

olivia pony4

Olivia practices posting the trot and sitting the canter while going out and enjoying the sights.

olivia pony

Dee helps Olivia to keep her mind on her own balance so she doesn’t have to worry about guiding her horse.


Blue and I are getting ready for out test at the schooling show. He is pretty relaxed for his first time, here he is dozing off.

show 1

What a lucky horse – a snack, a personal hair dresser, and a crooner to serenade him! No wonder he did so well.


We had a great time.


Samson discovers swimming and is a big fan!


Pam working on core engagement and an effective following seat.


Fred gets a visit!


Lisa and Gus have no problem placing the feet. Hehe.

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