Yoga In the Barn – Finding Better Alignment and Improving your Ride

yogaThanks to all those who came to yoga at my barn yesterday!  It was a gorgeous afternoon.  Sunny with a slight breeze to keep the bugs (mostly) at bay, and while Lisa and I were exhausted from riding, slinging bales, and setting up round pen panels, we were excited to take off our boots and let our dogs breathe while we relaxed on the lawn.

Starting with a meditation, I could feel the tension in my lower back and my thoughts wandered from chore to chore – did I forget to close the gate?  Had I swept yet? What were my horses up to, and were the chickens laughing at me laying here on a mat while they pecked around?  But I settled into it, and enjoyed the breeze blowing over me, the sun shining down on me and the birds flitting overhead.  An hour of downward dogs, forward bends and the dreaded plank position did wonders for my shoulders, hips, and lower back.  I became more conscious of all those riding muscles I was overusing or ignoring, and I discovered there is hope for me after all where downward dog’s are concerned.

By the time we were through I felt energetic, much more elastic and excited about the possibility of less pain.  Less pain and stiffness in my body means less in my horses’ bodies, which is a very good thing!

I can’t wait for next week to show off my planks – I’ve been practicing 😉

Hope to see you all there, Wednesdays at my place, 6 pm!

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