More Jack

imageJack has had a short break from work after sustaining a mysterious injury to his side that needed a few stitches. He was pretty tender and crabby, so I thought it best to give him a break while on the antibiotics.  He got his stitches out today and was feeling good, so we went right back to work.

My goal is to get him a little plumper and more fit before any riding happens, and since he still looks a little scraggly I have delayed that a bit.  I feel it’s extremely important for him to continue leading up better, so I work quite a bit in ponying him from my saddle horses.  Today he ponied off of Blue, and I thought it was interesting that a former rescue horse was helping out another to be more balanced.

I’m pretty happy with where he’s at and excited to see him get more fit. I’ve noticed a huge change in how he carries himself.  He carries himself much straighter and with more confidence.  He lifts his shoulders much better and is getting more supple through the loin.10556849_728149820655608_8831143701216065145_oimageimage

One thought on “More Jack

  1. I’ve had great success with weight gain/condition improvement using a product called EquiPride (bag, not lick tub). It doesn’t make them hot either. j


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