Rusty feelin’ fine

Thank God for horses.

The horse business is a wonderful way to make a living, and I’m so lucky I get to do what I love for money…seriously, it doesn’t get better than that.

But sometimes I get caught up in the details of running a business.  Endless bills to keep the horses fed followed by a list of lesson cancellations.  Working seven days a week and often fourteen hours a day.  People giving endless advice and criticism.  Dealing with disrespectful, dishonest, or rude people.  Walking the tight rope of being assertive without being unprofessional or losing clients.  Putting a good image forward and providing good customer service without compromising your values.  The list goes on, and anyone who is in the horse business knows this list well.

This is not supposed to be a woe-is-me post, or a saga about how terrible people can be.  This is about how wonderful horses are.

Horses see you, and not your age, your experience in business, your gender, or your bank account.  They see your intent, your ability, and your heart.  They’re not impressed with who you ride with, how much your breeches or boots cost, or who’s in your social circle.  They are pure, and live in the moment.

When people have exhausted, frustrated, upset and disrupted me, I remember that there are horses…

and I remember that to keep that pure feeling, I need to keep my ego, my agenda, and my societal ideals out of the picture.

I can’t impress my horses with who I had dinner with, what people are saying about me, or whether my barn is strung with ribbons or not.  I am grateful they give me the chance to offer myself for who I am, and take that at face value.



Dee shakes off the stress of the day



The horses enjoying a little “herd therapy”

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  1. So true Amy. Horses remind me every day who I really am. I guess my dog does too. And yet he’s always so very happy when I have time for him. Animals are great for givers. Horses are great mirrors.

    Thanks fog sharing Amy.


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