After a bout of bad weather, a move, and a period of bad footing, Jack hadn’t been ridden for a few weeks.  With the snow all gone, it was time to get back to it.  The weather was winy and cold, and my arena is located alongside a busy road.  He wasn’t familiar with the new area so he was a bit wound up at first, but came back to me soon, and after double checking his lateral flexions and how he felt about me hopping up on his back, I was soon on with no problems.


He was a bit tight for a moment but then relaxed and lowered his head and neck.  He bent laterally both directions well for one rein stops, and we did some little basic serpentines.  He was pretty laid back and not upset by the traffic whizzing by or the wind in no time.


One thought on “Jack

  1. Hi Amy, I’ve followed your posts and implemented your suggestions in my attempts at preparing Cutty for spring. Obstacle courses, backing up hills. Lots of ground work.

    Regular wound care and concern. Dressing changes often. Slow progress.

    Your photos indicate a picturesque setting. You state there is a practice arena if I’m not mistaken. I assume you’re still giving lessons. That would be good because I need direction.

    I got a tap on my thigh above the knee this morning. Cutty doesn’t like the circular motion of the curry comb. Could have been my knee.

    Fished a teal color halter with brass clips and fittings with a blue lead rope out of the trash today. It’s well made. The girl didn’t want it any more. Wrong color. Do you want it?

    Could use some help. T

    Sent from my quiet room.



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