My Saddle


My Saddle

My office
My throne
My platform for learning
and making life decisions.

It has seen countless horses –
rangey, green, dull, troubled, and dead broke.
Five hundred dollar horses and $35,000 horses – they’re all the same,
breathing fire, tearing up the earth beneath
my saddle.

It’s seen snow, wind, rain, and sunshine
Tears, sweat and both horse and my own blood.

I’ve cried in it
Laughed in it
Fallen in and out of love in it.
I’ve been lifted up into the heavens with magical rides
and bucked off in it.

The slab of leather between me and my horse gives me the ability to grow change, and become the rider and person I always wanted to be.

One thought on “My Saddle

  1. Hi Amy!

    Someone’s feeling poetic! Laura showed me some of your FacePlace posts and photos of your new digs. It helps me visualize where you are. How do you manage such picturesque surroundings? I’m partial to horse barns I guess.

    Been riding on a dressage saddle lately, steering from my seat and getting with her motion. Focusing on my timing and trying not to piss her off with poor cues during directional changes. I’m mostly walking though collection is next on my list.

    I miss you in a friendly way, but hope your move is a good one, opening up positive opportunities for you.

    Thanks for your wistful words and the Ode to Your Saddle. T

    Not Coco

    Sent from my quiet room.



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