Evening in a Field

FullSizeRenderI walk through the field with the setting sun on my back
Cattle dog at my heels,
cows on the horizon starting back
wondering about me with the same curiosity
my eye finds in them.

The days’ warmth spreads the smell of grass and manure, stirring
feelings of comfort
familiarity, and peace.
I listen to the jingle of my pups’ collar as she roots around
for evidence of interesting animals passing through this field.

The budding trees sway in an early spring breeze.
The birds seem to realize the gift of this good weather and celebrate by joining in the frog’s spring songs.
In the evening light I check on the animals, standing
in awe of the peace of their existence,
and steal some for myself too.

I smell my own sweat from a day of work, streaks made in the dirt on my skin.
My hands are dark from the sun and
I am
Profoundly Happy.

One thought on “Evening in a Field

  1. Amy, I’m pleased to read your poetry. You have a capability with verse and tempo, and I see the images you’ve set before my mind’s eye and I too find comfort in your words. I’m enjoying this new exploration you’ve undertaken. – Trisha


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