What is it to Learn?


Photo is of me and my friend and teacher, Theresa Doherty, who is sitting on my mare, Dee.


We all say we want to get good with our horses, and most of us aren’t born geniuses. We need some help learning. Whether we find someone we want to emulate, a clinician, an instructor, or just observing the horses we ride, we have so many opportunities to learn. But just because you take lessons doesn’t mean you are learning. We have to be teachable first in order to learn. Are you teachable? 

First you have to be willing to admit what you’re doing might not be the best way, or that there is more after what you’re already doing.

You have to be willing to honestly assess your situation.

You have to be willing to listen more than you speak.

You have to be willing to try new and maybe scary things.

You have to be open to trying things you might not have considered.

You have to be willing to drop previous education and see things as they are actually happening – not through a lens we may have worked very hard to develop. This is very common for people who study under a certain someone or follow a “way” – true horsemanship is about adjusting to every horse. Can you drop what you think
You know and listen?

Learning is difficult, and humbling. My sincere support goes out to all of you who are trying and stumbling and succeeding and making mistakes day after day. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to try.

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