The trouble with learning a system

Some of the hardest folks to teach are the ones who have studied a “system” of training. These methods might work on some horses some times, but the ones who don’t fit the mold get quickly labeled as crazy, wild, stubborn, untrainable. I used to think I knew what methods to use to train horses, until I had a series of horses with which these methods failed. It was hard for me, too, to let go of what i was taught. The only method I know that works time and time again on every horse, is watching the horses response and adjusting accordingly. That means you need to open your eyes and ears and listen to the horse.
The horse does not owe you anything. He didn’t ask to be here and he doesn’t have to adjust to your way – you have to adjust to fit him so he can get by in your world. After all, you brought him here in the first place.

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