Because We’ve Always Done It that Way

Since I met my husband Travis, he’s been learning about horses, riding and handling. He has a good grasp on how to handle them because he’s observant and has a natural feel for things. What’s been interesting is him coming into contact with the “real horse world” and how things are often done for reasons that aren’t logical or don’t work for horses. Hearing about methods that are traditional but illogical make him extra mad.

He said earlier, “I wonder if you applied the same principles to the person handling the horse whether or not that person would think it was ok.”

I envy this fresh start to horses – I learned all kinds of junk as a kid and have spent a lot of time trying to see things objectively and from the horses perspective. We all could do well to take fresh eyes to how we do things and see if they actually work, or if that’s just “how we’ve done things.”

2 thoughts on “Because We’ve Always Done It that Way

  1. Buddhism has a concept called “beginner mind.” I always find it rewarding to try to go back to the very beginning with horses and start fresh. It’s hard, but as you say, it’s amazing how many preconceived notions we gather without even being aware of it!


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