Following Your Dreams Is Not For Sissies

We have this idea that following your dreams is this exciting, sexy journey. In reality, following your dreams means shoveling snow, mud and poop, working terrible side jobs to make ends meet, getting bucked off, crying in your truck, considering some other shady but lucrative profession, but putting your nose to the grind stone each and every day anyway. It might mean criticism from some, admiration from others, but not getting distracted by either. It involves endless learning, from your mistakes, from other peoples mistakes, and from the horse. It means pure dedication to the craft at all costs.

Following your dreams is not for sissies.

There is no “end,” no “arriving.” You are an endless apprentice. Each day I am grateful to the horses I’ve known who’ve molded me – the tough ones, the scared ones, the dull ones, the not-quite-wired-right ones, the incredible athletes, the regular horses, the old ones and the young ones all have taught me so much. And I’m thankful every day, horrible and beautiful weather alike, for the opportunity to ride another horse – or eight or ten or twelve.

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