It’s About Balance

One of the biggest reasons I like to take horses in for training at my place as opposed to riding them where they live is control of their environment. I find with the young or troubled ones, changing their environment is half the battle. They just simply don’t do well when they are pent up in stalls, eating too much sugar, or being handled day to day in a way that doesn’t benefit them.

I find that half of their success at least is really just being set up well. A good forage and hay diet and a quiet buddy to keep stress to a minimum, plenty of space to move day and night, and frequent small sessions that don’t overwhelm. It really isn’t just about training, but about a new way of life- we interact at feeding time, and they’re learning there. They interact with a herd, and they’re learning there. We cross paths throughout my day and they’re learning – as opposed to being pulled out for one, big stressful session a day.

It’s not so much about “training” but about balancing these horses lives. The trick is for their owners to continue this balance once they go home, but if I can make that reset in their minds, they have a chance at a new and better life.

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