Developing Feel Means Tossing Assumptions

If you’re looking to develop feel and a really good seat, riding lots of different horses is important. It’s too easy to get complacent riding the same horse over and over, and making assumptions about how they behave and how they handle. It can get hard to strive for excellence – when you assume how much leg they are going to need based on the past, you always ride with that amount of leg, and they never have the chance to get lighter.

But when you ride a more advanced horse, or a greener horse, you can go back to your horse with fresh eyes and ride with feel, not assumptions.

Many of my students, when working with a new horse, express confusion about a particular problem, because their old horse “just did it.” So if you want to develop problem solving skills, excellent communication, and real feel, work with green horses, finished horses, and everything in between.

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