Some Thoughts on Colt Starting

Some thoughts on colt starting for the public-

It’s my job to prepare the young horse for their life with their owner. That means preparing them for seeing all kinds of things and being able to deal with them with confidence. It also means helping them be prepared to deal with some fumbles on the riders part- we talk about preparing the horse for their rider, not for us trainers. That means your horse should be able to tolerate something like a leg dragging on their butt while you mount or dismount, or putting on a saddle somewhat less than perfectly.

But I believe I have a responsibility to the welfare of the horse and clients safety first. Some horses are naturally more tolerant than others. Some always will be on the more sensitive side, and others in time have the potential to be very amateur friendly. But it is not my job nor is it ethical to subject your horse to poor feel, bad hands, or sloppy legs. This is incredibly frustrating and scary for a young horse who is just learning about life with people. If you worry about the steadiness of your hands or legs, or confidence in the saddle at the walk, trot, canter, gallop and a few little acrobatics here and there, a young horse is not for you. There is absolutely no shame in finding the right match for you. Riding is a lot more fun for both horse and rider when you both aren’t soiling your pants.

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