Learning Through our Filters

When it comes to horses, I’ve been an avid learner all my life. Looking for ways to improve my riding, handling and care of horses has been part of my life for my entire professional career, short as it may be. But one thing that I’ve noticed as I participate in clinics, seminars, and the like is the urge to use new information to justify what we already do. It’s fascinating how each person interprets the same data as we filter it through our knowledge base and experience – but the urge to justify how we already do things when faced with contradictory information is so human, so normal, and so hard to not indulge in.

We’re all on this planet learning and growing together. It’s really hard to change our habits; to see ourselves clearly, and incredibly hard to admit we’ve been down a path that doesn’t work for the horse. I promise it won’t kill you to admit you have more to learn, and that the way you know might not be the best. Anyone who thinks less of you for admitting this doesn’t belong in your circle anyway. Your horses will benefit from this admission, and you’ll be in good company- myself and every teacher I admire is right there with you- constantly re evaluating our work and swallowing the bitter pill of personal responsibility for our growth.

One thought on “Learning Through our Filters

  1. Well said. As a future horse owner l can get overwhelmed by all I had incorrectly thought would be a good environment for healthy, happy horses. Almost scares me off the prospect. What I’ve gleaned thus far though is what is best for the horse works out pretty well for the people around them.


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