How to Improve Your Riding if You Don’t Have Time to Ride

What’s the best thing you can do for your riding?

Take a meditation course.

Learn to stay in the moment- to become observant your mind must stop chattering away.

Take an exercise course

Learn to get familiar with your body. Not just because fitness is extremely beneficial to riding, but because it helps develop better proprioception, balance, and awareness, which will help you ride better too.

Take a look at your whole life

Learn to deal with issues as they come up in a healthy and constructive way. When life gets stressful, we tend to pass that on to our interactions with horses. Learn to take a deep breath and deal with life’s inevitable foibles, in and out of the saddle. If you’re frustrated about life, it isn’t gonna take much with the horse to frustrate you too- so learning to deal with frustration constructively is incredibly important.

Before you can control a horse, you must first control yourself.

Here are some cute pictures of Josie and some of her best buddies. She doesn’t know much about stress yet, but she will…

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