Mindful of the Details

Brushing and Tacking Up

Sometimes when we’re getting our horses to ride, it’s easy to get task oriented and forget about the horse. But these are important moments to take note of and participate in fully

How does the horse feel about how you brush? Do they flinch? Do they move around? Do they push? Experiment with different brushes, techniques and ways of moving. See if you can get the horse to soften mentally and physically.

When you saddle and bridle, how does the horse feel? Do you throw the saddle on carelessly, causing their back to dip, or with care? Do their eyes widen or soften? When you bridle, do you grab, pull, and push, or do you wait, soften your fingers and lift the bit into their mouth without hitting their teeth?

Every little piece matters. It all adds up to building trust or taking it away. If you acknowledge how they feel about each piece and work to make it better for them, and stay present in your daily tasks, you may find a world of change in your horses attitude.

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