Thinking Of the Big Picture

There are endless ways to get things done with horses. Every horseman has their own method, progression of education and ways to problem solve. It can get confusing to navigate for the average horse owner. When you reach out for help or do a little research, nobody seems to agree on the best methodologies to get things done.

I find it’s helpful to think about the big picture in times like these. What exactly are my goals with this horse? For me personally, my goal with each horse is to help them be happier, more balanced, softer and in better physical shape than when I found them. So when I run into a problem and experiment with a solution, I ask myself these things.

-did it work?

-did it leave him happier?

-did it make him more balanced?

-did it make him softer?

Sometimes short term solutions can lead to bigger problems later. The more I understand the big picture, the less I kick problems down the road and address them now, in more positive ways, and before they become a bigger problem.

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