Do the Work to get the Results

“I don’t have time.” We’ve all said it and felt it. And it’s true, you don’t have time. We’re all busy. Rush rush rush. “Once I get past this week things will settle down.” Well they will, maybe, until something else happens, and then it’s back to being busy again.

The thing about having time is it rarely magically appears, for most of us. I don’t have time for my own horses with six training horses, weekly lessons, and a baby. But here’s the thing – we prioritize what’s important to us, and it gets done.

One day I got sick of watching my horses age in the pasture while I rush around doing all the things that need to get done. So I made some changes. I wake up earlier. I work more efficiently. I prioritize my own like I was being paid for it. They get trimmed on time and ridden at least a few times a week (which isn’t enough, but it’s a start). The most important part of making time is eliminating time wasting things that don’t serve us – like making your feeding routine more efficient so you aren’t jiggling that stuck gate open for the millionth time. Work with that horse who can’t be caught so you aren’t chasing her around when the weather is bad to bring her in, fix the fence the horses keep getting out of (nobody has time to chase horses down the road), fix the flat tire that prevents you from driving the golf cart. Cross those things off the “to do” list today. Do the things you keep putting off that you know will make your life easier. It might take a little extra time now, but it pays off later.

Cut out what isn’t important. Cut out what doesn’t lead you to your goals. And think seriously about whether not having time is a real problem, or an excuse. We prioritize what’s important. Sometimes saying we don’t have time is a conscience massager for not doing something we know we need to get done.

My goal for 2020 is to keep my horses fit, happy, and educated. Even 15-20 mins of your attention is better than nothing. Do the work to get the results.

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