Being afraid of a horse spooking is absolutely logical. Horses are big, powerful and quick, and their fear can cause some wrecks. It’s not silly to be afraid, but it isn’t helpful in the situation.

Overcoming this fear requires a few essentials:

-developing a good seat at the walk, trot and canter. This takes time and a good instructor, but is an absolute must. Youre never finished developing your seat – over a lifetime maybe it can be perfected, but is a worthwhile endeavor.

-acquiring some level of fitness. Without it, there is no stability in the saddle. You don’t have to be a body builder, but without some core stability, you are at the mercy of your horse’s movements and will not be able to stabilize yourself or absorb their movements.

-practice. It takes some re-educating our natural reflexes to keep our minds calm when they are not, to learn to not pull back and to learn how to re direct.

Give yourself the necessary tools to stay safe. Fear is the minds way of keeping the body safe, so if you experience fear when riding, education and fitness can help!

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