It Takes Time

It can take some time to adjust when you have a horse who wasn’t raised to be a horse. Healthy herd socialization, dealing with weather, navigating terrain and feeling comfortable in their own skin are some of the major challenges that face horses raised in isolation and stalls, as opposed to learning socialization and spending their time outside.

Don’t despair if you have a horse who is struggling, and make the adjustment easier by presenting it in little pieces as much as you’re able. You wouldn’t take a kid who was raised in seclusion in a basement and throw them into a crowded public environment because they lack the skills to manage it. Teach one thing at a time and give it time. You’d be surprised at how adaptable horses are, even ones with poor starts in life.

Bellus has been with a herd for a few years, and while his social skills aren’t perfect, for the first time ever yesterday, I saw him play.

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