The Restart

The Restart might have once been labeled as quiet, dead broke, or safe. But without the necessary tools to get by, this horse often deals with the struggles of life by becoming internal. They “go inside themselves” to get by. What appears to be quiet and safe is actually non-response. This horse has shut down to cope.

When the restart begins to wake up, normal, every day parts of their life may suddenly send them over the edge. They may become spooky, explosive, unsure. This isn’t new, but rather what is really inside of them finally coming through.

The restart needs tools and a foundation to help them through this very hard time in their lives. They need to learn the very basics they missed without any assumptions about what they should know or do know.

This horse has been under saddle for quite some time, but with a dull expression and without much participation. Now that he is starting to participate in the conversation, he has become worried about things he’s been doing for years. I try to stay just under the edge of trouble as often as possible. With many hours laid in previously of teaching him to look for me to help when he gets bothered, he got worried wearing the saddle, and then remembered how to find that peaceful place internally, without shutting down to cope.

One thought on “The Restart

  1. Again a very timely post for all those who think they know immediately what this new horse is all about because after all they saw the horse ridden & rode it themselves then bought it! Never giving a thought to delve into the depths of this horses actual psychic well being !! The lack of time & awareness of horse in a new environment can bring about a dangerous situation !! I’ve seen this so often over the last 60 plus years !!


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