Changing Perspectives

When our horses are afraid of something, we tend to look at it as an inconvenience or a block to getting to what we want to do. But what if we looked at it as an opportunity? What if every time our horses spook, it’s an opportunity for us to develop a better partnership, cement our basics, and to expand their comfort zones? What if every meltdown they have going to a new place is a step in the direction toward a solid horse?

My horses once were quite unconfident about trailer travel and being in new places. Each time they went somewhere and came out slightly better than they started, it was like putting money in a savings account. Now, I can teach clinics with them and help other horses who are nervous, because they have enough experiences to draw from.

The next time your horse spooks, balks, scoots, or melts down, stop and think – this is an opportunity for me to teach them. You’ll be amazed at what they can learn!

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