Leadership or Just Bossing Around?

From the moment you slip that halter on your horse, you are responsible for him – his safety, his comfort, his understanding, and where he puts his feet. If your horse is going to put his body and mind in your hands, you’d better have his best interest at heart.
I make sure when I lead horses in and out of gates they are protected from other horses that might crowd or hurt them. On trail rides I watch out for other horses because I can’t count on others to keep theirs under control. As I ride, I look out for his balance, and try to keep him working in the best frame for his health, as suitable for his current education.
When my horse knows I have his back, he feels less of the urge to take over because he doesn’t have to worry about those things.
Real leadership is not just ordering your horse around, it’s investing in your animal, and being its advocate.

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