Softness Is In Your Seat

If you go to a lot of clinics, it’s easy to spot people who are teaching who ride very poorly.

Every imbalance on the rider’s part is felt by the horse, causing them to have to support us by bracing or getting imbalanced themselves. You can have the softest intent, but if your shoulders are tight, or elbows taking flight, the mechanics here are going to create a brace. If you ride in a chair seat, it’s going to be very difficult for the horse to round their back, because the riders tailbone is creating a situation wherein lifting the back is near impossible. The inside intent and the mechanical ability need to match, at least as much as you are physically able.

We owe it to our horses to be the best we can be. Riding well is hard, and takes a lifetime of observation and work. Do I have a perfect seat? No way. But it’s something I’ve strived toward all my riding life, and I understand that every one of my riding faults creates more hardship for the horse.

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