Motor Skills

Many people are far more sedentary in their day to day lives than people used to be. Fine motor skills, balance, athleticism, and ability to be mindful of surroundings is not something you suddenly get for your weekly lesson- these are skills that have to be tuned daily throughout your life. I remember asking a kid student years ago, as he was struggling to mount his horse, if he climbed trees. He looked at me like I was crazy: why would you climb trees? I use dancing comparisons in teaching but I have met very few people who dance and can relate to the metaphors. People learning to ride without an active live in whatever capacity seek to really struggle with balance, awareness and motor skills required for even simple things, like buckling halters, bridles and cinches.

So what can you do if your job is sedentary? Exercise is essential for one, but you can throw in little tasks to challenge your balance and awareness throughout your day: brush your teeth with your non dominant hand. Try to lace your shoes with the non dominant foot first. Take the stairs. Practice meditation. Put your non dominant leg through your pants first. Try practicing good posture when you drive. Listen to the sounds when you cook instead of letting your mind wander. There are a million ways you can learn to engage with your world on a daily basis that will help you ride a little better, too. Horses live in a sensory world, and we tend to live in our heads. So to engage with horses in their world, we need to
Tune into the senses

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