The Love/Hate Relationships

The horse bears the burden of not just our physical imbalances, but our emotional ones too.

For some, their horses is their little angel to be babied half the time, and the other half fought with, nit picked to death, and labeled stubborn and rude. Half their experiences with their handlers are permissive, pampering (of course in a way the human can enjoy, not necessarily the horse), and the other half filled with inescapable critique, pressure and discontent.

A horse is neither your baby or a jerk- both are anthropomorphic beliefs with no root in equine behavior or neurology. There is a middle way – the hardest way – but the most balanced way – where we see a horse as a horse, and none of their behavior is personal. In this way, we can add to their lives. An emotionally unbalanced person can never make an emotionally balanced horse.

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