From Buddhist Boot Camp’s post:

“ A Zen student complained to his teacher that focusing on the breath during meditation was boring. The teacher submerged the student’s head under water until the student kicked and struggled to come up for air, at which point the master released his grip, looked the student in the eye, and asked, “Do you still think the breath is boring?” “

In lessons, we’ll focus on minute details. We’ll go slowly at first to make sure your basics are in order: the horse is relaxed, breathing, moving through the back; the rider knows what they’re looking for, how to breathe themselves, and how to direct. It may be slow at first, but without the basics, you have nothing.

The advanced movements are all easier than solid basics. Solid basics for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When in doubt, solid basics. Those who want to get along with their horses learn to love the tiny details, because that is where the real work lies.

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