It Takes Two to Fight

Working with horses who have been taught to fight:

You didn’t start them that way, but here they are. Everything is a fight. If you don’t start it, they do.
They don’t want to be that way, but it’s what they know. They have been shown the only way to comply is through intimidation and force. Now here you are not using those ways, and you have a strong horse bowling all over you, or trying to get away.

This horse is not happy to do this- this horse is scared, worried, unconfident. They don’t know how to get along with you.

I get horses like these all the time. The temptation to fix the problem with force is there, because it works; and it seems the horse is looking for it. But in the long run, it will never create softness, confidence or partnership.

With these horses, the art of being neutral is essential. I teach them that there is no fight. You can’t show them softness by speaking the language they came speaking – I change the game entirely. I am neutral – I can’t be pushed or pulled, but that fight will dissipate when the horse realizes I’m not involved in it. When they are ready, we can have a whole new type of conversation.

I guarantee this horse, once they realize they don’t have to fight with you to protect themselves, and they don’t have to be bullied into doing what you ask, will be much happier, more willing, and interested in being around you.

One thought on “It Takes Two to Fight

  1. In my experience! This requires the highest level of experience talent & compassion to break through to them !! But when successful , you have the happiest & most connected horse ever !!


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