For the Horse

One of the most frequent criticisms I get about my clinics, lessons and training is that it’s too slow, too basic, and maybe a little on the boring side.

The majority of horses I meet are scared, imbalanced, misunderstand the rider or all too aware of the conflicting aids, they are shut down, keyed up, lacking a good foundation, overworked, under worked, tight, confused, and any other number of things.

From an ethical standpoint, it’s my job to help you and your horse where you both are; and to give you both tools to help you find a better base to work from.

I think if my personal horses could talk, they’d say I went too fast, wanted too much too soon, and they were worried or imbalanced. I’m still correcting the mistakes I made out of well meaning but ignorant work.

My motto is “for the horse.” I really believe if it doesn’t benefit the horse, it doesn’t really benefit the human either. A horse fitting any of these descriptions above is going to be distracted or fearful, and will not be safe. Inevitably, something will concern them more than your request.

If you’re for the horse, you’re welcome to join the slow, methodical journey. If it isn’t for you, that’s ok too.

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