When the Horse Wins

Travis and I are riding with Brent Graef this weekend. I always learn a lot from Brent, but what I’m constantly impressed by is his ability to keep people out of their heads, to help people see the improvements and try in their horse, and to help people understand how to use what their horse is offering instead of fighting it.
It’s so ingrained in us from the beginning of our riding lives to fight what the horse wants to do or is doing- to do the opposite. When we meet the horse halfway, and use what they want to blend in to what we want, things work out so much more smoothly. Horses relax, feel safer, more understood, and are more willing to go where we want afterwards.
The hardest part is getting people to stop thinking in terms of “winning” and “losing.” We seem to think if the horse wins, we lose. Brent is a master at helping people understand that when the horse wins, they win confidence, understanding, relaxation, and we ultimately win too. We just have to be a little flexible.

2 thoughts on “When the Horse Wins

  1. Amy may I use this post to help me promote Brent’s clinic in KY this September. We have only 5 participants. I thought your post may help me bring more interest. Thanks Alison Paczkowski

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