Are you having fun?
Not many people use horses for a living anymore. That means that riding and being with horses is a hobby done in our free time. This should free us up to have some fun with it!
So many people I meet are very obviously not having fun. They are frustrated, afraid, over horsed, shelling out an arm and a leg for their hobby and seeming to not get enjoyment out of it. Maybe they have a trainer who stresses them out or is harsh and driving. Maybe their boarding barn is full of drama. Maybe the horse is fearful, forward, athletic, young, and they might do better with a confident, quiet older horse.

So are you having fun? It’s supposed to be- there may be moments of fear while you work through expanding your comfort zone, but not everlasting dread. There may be moments of frustration while you work through concepts that are new and hard, or run into roadblocks, but not frustration overall.

Just as a horse needs the right environment of security to learn, people need security to learn as well.

So if you aren’t having fun, what needs to change? Maybe you have the wrong horse for you- nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to ride all kinds of horses. Maybe you have the wrong trainer. The yelling kind or overly forceful kind can zap the fun out of anybody’s riding. Maybe you don’t have a trainer and could benefit from some instruction and help. Maybe your attitude needs a makeover? Maybe your expectations need tweaking. It could be a little of all of things, some of them, or something completely different.

Either way, it’s important to remember riding is for fun, so if you aren’t having any, something needs to change.

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