At a Snail’s Pace

“Your work is too slow.”
It’s true. If I had to compete with a snail for who moves faster, I’m not sure who would win. And the more horses I work with, the more I learn, I only go slower. I’m horrified looking back sometimes at work I did years back, and how overfaced some of the horses I rode were. We got through it, maybe through luck, but sometimes problems came back.

The thing is, I spent a LOT of time fixing problems that come from rushed and sometimes flat out greedy work. It’s quicker if you don’t mess up the basics, but many horses are sent to me for remedial work- so we go slower. So yes, I am still walking, but look at the change in the horse’s confidence, in their posture, in their body condition and general quality of life! No I’m not at a show yet, but look at the change in the horse’s health! Yes I’m aware some students have left, but I have some amazing, dedicated, caring individuals who are still here – and their hard work pays off. We don’t walk forever!

The thing is, going too fast is too costly and in the end, takes up way more time. I know this personally from going too fast in the past with my own horses, and in the difference of time it takes me between a young, unstarted horse and an older one with poor basics. It starts slow, but we’ll be riding laps around yours when problems come back to haunt you.

So yes, I’m still walking, or no, I haven’t ridden your horse yet- and I’m gonna be here for a while, til the horse and I are ready. Because the time is worth it, and in the end, slow is much faster.

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