The Things We Miss in Our World of Words

Things commonly heard in lessons:
“Pay attention!”
“Stop it!”
“You’re so lazy!”
“We talked about this!”
“Good boooooooy good booooy gOoOooOOOood bbbOOOOooooooOOOOOooooy”
endless clicking
endless kissing sounds
“Hey! No! NooooOoooOOOooo”

Just a thought, and I may be crazy, but what would happen if you didnt talk and listened to what your horse had to say instead?

What if you listened to the sound of their breathing?
The rythm of their footfalls?
Felt for the way their back and shoulders move?
Watched their eyes, ears, and neck?

Sometimes it’s hard to even get instruction in between the endless chatter- we are so used to being in the world of words, we miss what horses have to say : they are sensory beings. Quietly communicating every step, and if you’re too busy talking, you miss important messages.

For just one ride, I challenge you to listen. See how it feels. You might like it.

One thought on “The Things We Miss in Our World of Words

  1. Again you’ve nailed a serious topic!! So incredibly obvious once someone tries to do exactly this !! In my coaching I often ask th rider to tell me about the horses breathing & movment rythm , once they get it the first time , they’re amazed at what they’ve missed !! Thankyou again for your input !!


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