Beginner Mind

I often really enjoy teaching trail riders and beginners. They can be really laid back, open minded, excited to learn, and thrilled with the changes their horses make. It is so refreshing and fun to teach these kinds of people.

While I encourage all my students to study, to watch videos, to learn as much as they can, every trainer knows this person as a nightmare – the kind who has read everything, knows everything, can do little and can’t be taught because they already know: they argue theory before having simple basic abilities solid. They lack the humility to wonder and think openly and to listen. They see themselves above the beginner, but I’d rather teach 100 trail riders than one of these magazine reading; online class taking, Facebook training group question answering backseat quarter backs who can’t listen to criticism.

The real challenge is to learn, to develop confidence in yourself and your ability, and to still stay open enough to learn.

I’d be lying if I said I
don’t get my undies in a knot sometimes when corrected by teachers on basic skills. I do. It’s human. It hurts, it sucks, I don’t like it. But it is so important to accept the discomfort as part of the learning process. To keep the beginner mind set while you develop your skills.

Happy learning, my friends.

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