Life in, Fear Out

People tell me often to be careful and that it requires such bravery to work with scared or feral horses. The truth is that I’m safer every day with a scared horse than a spoiled horse. Scared horses can be directed and brought to calmness, and when they become afraid, they jump away, provided you don’t trap them.
Spoiled horses will readily knock you down when bothered, kick out when annoyed with your request, or seem perfectly safe until asked to do something they aren’t interested in.
The spoiled horses I encounter push on you, step on your feet, bite you, and shove you. The scared horses are just trying to survive.
As Brent Graef says – if they’re pushy with their shoulder, they’ll be pushy with the hind end, and will kick. It’s only a matter of when.

When gentling, you can leave the life in and take the fear out. You don’t have to spoil them or dumb down their nature to gentle them.

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