Mr. Nice-y Nice

One of my mentors told me laughingly once that someone criticized him by calling him “Mr Nice-y Nice.” This is a man I couldn’t imagine anyone having anything negative to say about, but this struck me as so funny.

Since then I’ve realized I aspire to work in a way where anything critical said of you can be taken as a compliment: too nice. Too slow. Too focused on the basics.

Any rushed work or excess firmness in my life of working with horses can be stemmed from insecurity. Concern with how I might look to the public, concern with not being able to get my work done, concern with things that don’t benefit the horse.
Truly secure people are soft, kind, and methodical. They are un rushed and not pressured by public demands, with a simultaneous deep concern for the public wellbeing. They are unconcerned with the criticism because they know they are working in the horse’s best interest.
I only hope to be as nice as Mr. Nice-y Nice someday!

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