Imposter Syndrome

I was looking through pictures from a few years ago and realized how many ideas and ways of training I have dropped. I wouldn’t let me from two years ago ride my horse today.

I can’t tell you how many crises…crisises..crisi?? Anyway… how many times I’ve wondered if I know anything at all, and only know what I don’t want to do anymore, but don’t yet know how to get what I want.

This year has been my most rewarding, wonderful, inspiring years with horses. I’ve had connections get deeper, horses get more balanced, students smile more and find changes within themselves that make me proud.

I’m sure in a few years I’ll look back on my work this year with the same cringe factor that I look back on a few years ago.

My point in all this, friends, is you are not alone in your concerns, worries, struggles and fears. “Will I ever meet my goals? Will I ever ride better? Will my horse every relax, canter, get caught, etc?”
I’ve never met a horseman or woman worth their salt who doesn’t have at least one yearly crisis of what they know and whether they should just give up or not.

It doesn’t matter how slow you feel like you’re going. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’re making or have made. It doesn’t matter whether you lost your temper yesterday or fell off or don’t know if you should ever be near a horse again.
If you are drawing breath, and you have the desire, you can do it. If you’re willing to listen to the horse and settle into the journey for the long haul, you can and will do it.

Nobody can walk your journey for you, but there are so many wonderful horses to keep you company along the way.

One thought on “Imposter Syndrome

  1. I love this blog! Thank you for being real. It is comforting to know that I’m not alone with the struggles of learning horsemanship. It seems one day I am thrilled with my horse and how we are progressing, then the next I feel like I don’t know a thing and how can I help my horse if I’m not always competent and effective? But, every single day is a learning experience.


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