Posture and Biomechanics

If wasn’t long ago I made the commitment to study and understand equine posture and biomechanics. I had long been studying classical training and knew what the horse should feel and look like to be healthy and happy, but I didn’t understand what went on beneath the skin and why. As a teacher, I often bumped into opposing training philosophies that taught incorrect or damaging postures, and I didn’t have the tools to explain why what I felt would be helpful for the horse.

Once I made the plunge into learning how muscle groups function, how the skeleton functions, and how to help horses into better alignments, I found the shocking discovery that many of my personal training beliefs were incorrect.

It’s been a fun, enlightening journey into better understanding. That’s what I love about the truth – it doesn’t care who believes in it, and if we really want to confront the truth, we better be willing to change what we’re used to doing.

As a rider, I am far more able to help horses be comfortable and healthy. As a teacher, I think I have better tools to help students understand what I mean, and why posture is never just about achieving a look.

I’m by no means an expert and still have much more learning to do, but I love the road this has taken me down.

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