Teaching Others, Teaching Myself

One of the perks of teaching is watching in real time, why the poor habits I have do not work. Some of the things we harp on as teachers are personal to us – we notice it because it is our cross to bear as well.

I love teaching. I learn so much. Teaching is how I’ve come to understand movement patterns, footfalls, equine and rider biomechanics.
My goal with every rider is to bring them to better awareness and balance than I have myself. Watching riders pick up quickly on concepts I personally struggled with tremendously gives me enormous pride and satisfaction.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for people who allow me to teach them. And more than that, my horses thank you, for helping me to be closer to the rider they deserve.

Here is Princess Dee in all her glory. She has not accepted less than my best, and raises the bar on me each ride.

One thought on “Teaching Others, Teaching Myself

  1. My Princess Dee is called. Kachina Doll (KD) teaching for close to 60 yrs has been the best choice I’ve made in my horse lifetime !! My students & horses I’ve had the honor to work with have been my main foundation of knowledge & humility!!

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