Equine By Products

Troubled or lame horse? It’s time we as a horse community take responsibility. There is an enormous amount of lame and troubled horses in the world as a by product of poor horse keeping, unethical breeding, and poor handling. It might not be your fault the horse is suffering from these bad practices, but if they’re in your care, it’s your responsibility.

The likelihood that a magical person will appear to take this horse of yours and transform them to a happy horse living up to their full potential is rare. You might get lucky and find a rescue, or a kind soul who wants the project, or is happy to have a pasture companion. But more than likely, while you wait for this mystery person to appear and solve your problems, the horse is suffering mentally and physically without getting the support they need.

We need to take responsibility for the lives that suffer from us. If you can’t afford the rehab, the training or have the time, euthanasia is an unpleasant thought. But I truly believe that if we aren’t willing or able to give them the best life we can, rest is not the worst thing that can happen to a suffering horse.

If you invest in the training, you need to maintain the habits and work that your horse needs to be happy. You can’t just throw money at a problem, you need to change your lifestyle to suit the horse, or let them find peace.

Nobody is going to solve the problem of your troubled horse for you. Not even the best trainer can fix your horse if you stand in the way of progress. If they’re in your care, they’re counting on you.

We need to take responsibility for the lives we bring into our own- they can’t live a happy life without us making some big changes.

One thought on “Equine By Products

  1. Letting them go is a very difficult decision , the question is ,, who are you serving during this situation your own emotions or the horses wellbeing !! Just asking !!!


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