“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” -Orson Welles

When we think of boundaries with horses, many of us feel like it’s a somewhat negative thing. But in order for the horse to function happily, and for the rider and horse to create beautiful art together, boundaries must exist.

There has to be a boundary to your leg, or the horse isn’t able to find the middle between the two of them. There has to be a boundary to your hand, or the horse will be forced to suffer excess pressure running into it, or the discomfort of a kinked neck coming behind it. If you can’t create boundaries that are clear and steady, you can’t flow. If you have no parameters, you have no starting place for your work.
You’ll be stuck in reactive mode – reacting always to a horse who passed through boundaries they were never clear on in the first place.

If you want peace, if you want flow, if you want your horsemanship to be artful, there has to be boundaries.

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