Horse related post sort of….

One thing that gets me wound up is when people refer to a horse-human relationship like a marriage, because they usually mean that one is the leader of the household.

I had a student once say to me, “she wants to go right so we’re going left. I always do the opposite of what she wants.” I asked her, “how’s your marriage?” She answers, “Terrible, why?”

Now I’m no relationship expert. But in any relationship that I want to be part of, there is no clear always leader. There is give and take. Both partners needs and wants are validated and considered when making decisions. Nobody is 100% of the time the selfless giver and nobody is 100% of the time the director. Things are not done at the expense of the other.

I don’t know about you, but I fall squarely into the “don’t tell me what to do” category. It makes me a great worker if you respect me, but you get nothing if you try to boss me around or don’t respect me. Anyone know a horse like that?

So in a way, a horse-human relationship is like a marriage, but it depends a lot on how you look at both.

Here’s my hubby- sometimes he carries me, sometimes I carry him, and both of us carry the little one.

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